South Pacific


Fiji offers posh resorts and hotels, good food and accommodations, nightlife, historic sites, hiking, kayaking, camping, surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Travel around Fiji is easy by small plane, catamaran, copra boat, outboard canoe, open-sided bus, and air-conditioned coach. Best of all, Fiji is a visitor-friendly country with uncrowded, inexpensive facilities available almost everywhere. You’ll love the vibrant, outgoing people whose knowledge of English make communicating a breeze.




Tahiti, also known as the, “isle of love,” has long been the vision of the earthly paradise. The air is sweet with the bouquet of tropical blossoms. Papeete’s morning market and captivating waterfront welcome you to Tahiti, the territory’s largest island by far. The 117-km road around Tahiti passes historic monuments, museums, temple ruins, beaches, waterfalls, cliffs, gardens and countless scenic views.


The sultry, verdant isles of Samoa, two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand, lie in the very heart of the South Pacific. Travelers inbound from a dreary industrial world may be forgiven if they imagine they’ve arrived in the Garden of Eden. Everything is vividly colorful and well-groomed. An outstanding variety of landscapes and attractions are packed into a small area made all the more accessible because this is one of the less expensive countries in the region.