The El Dorado Maroma - The Little Oasis in the Riviera Maya

Posted by: Cyndi Hansen on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

With only 128 suites, this intimate, boutique resort will entice any traveler looking for relaxation and a zen experience.   The ambiance of the Mexican Riviera is intoxicating from the décor to the beautiful beach.   Their gourmet inclusive experience will take your romantic rendezvous to a whole new level.  That’s right, they cater to couples in love.   With that in mind, choose your companion carefully because you will find there will be no escaping each other as they “up the ante” when it comes to romance and falling in love all over again.    So, what makes this resort so “Excellente”?  There are so many reasons, but if I were to narrow it down, these would be my top 4 reasons to choose the El Dorado Maroma.

1.  Beach -  Residing on Maroma beach, the Travel Channel voted this very beach as one of the top ten beaches in the world.    So the El Dorado Maroma’s location is idyllic in every way.  The beach boasts pure white sand, crystal blue waters and an array of beach beds and lounge chairs to soak up the sun.  Adding to the view, and only 4 months from completion, are 30 over the water bungalows.   Noting they are the first resort in Mexico to compliment their resort with this category.  Being one of the few lucky individuals to tour the bungalows, even incomplete, I could tell they will be fabulous, intimate and romantic.    Glass bottom floors, round beds, spacious balconies with easy access to the water are just a few of the bungalow’s highlights.


2.  Dining – I would rate their cuisine as extraordinary!  This is where the El Dorado Maroma is heads above other resorts in Mexico.  Are you Gluten Free or Vegan?  Not a problem as every menu caters to dietary needs in variety and selection.  Fresh seafood served the day it is caught and vegetables and fruit literally grown at their very own 80,000 square foot greenhouse!   So you are guaranteed very fresh dining experiences at every meal.  Out of the 6 restaurants, there is one that deserves my extra kudos, the Lima Limon Peruvian restaurant.  Where the word “wow” is expressed after every bite and the presentation is equally impressive.  Foodies out there will not be disappointed with their unique menu and abundance of options.   In fact, there was so much to choose from that we instructed our waiter to decide for us.   To his delight and ours as well, the selection of 6 appetizers and recommended entrée was amazing.  Dining became a two-hour experience with a variety of selections to impress any palate and ambiance to encourage an intimate experience. 

3.  Customer Service – Eager to please with likeable personalities you will never go without or longing for service.   This is not fake hospitality.  And with my travel experiences, I can detect fake from sincere.   Upon observing a guest making a mild complaint, I witnessed the pure disappointment on the employees face! He was visibly upset that he failed the guest.   To me this is a sign of strong character and their desire to cater to everyone’s wants and needs.   Ask for something at the resort, you will never wait longer than a few minutes for a quick response.  And you will always be greeted with their contagious smiles.

4.  Entertainment – The daily activities can range from beach volleyball, cooking classes, paddle boarding and wine tasting.   Even if you desire more than lounging by the pool and sleeping on the beach, there is plenty to do in a quiet setting.   Once the sun goes down, and dinner is finished, the evening entertainment is beyond professional and will not disappoint.  You won’t find the bartender during the day playing guitar at night.   I was very pleased with the level of talented entertainment.   For example, on Rock night, they featured a band where they knew almost every 80’s classic and one could not resist dancing taking them back to a moment in time of 30 years ago.  Their voices amazing and their instrumental ability would rival any rock band today charging $60 a ticket.

In summary, if you are looking for a chance to get away, you cannot go wrong with the El Dorado Maroma.   Is this the right resort for you however?  Just ask us and we can determine if the El Dorado Maroma will meet your expectations for your next getaway.


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