Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? It could be YOU!

Posted by: Cyndi Hansen on Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

If you are planning a family vacation in the upcoming months, and you have younger children, then you will want to take five minutes and read our personal experience of the Nickelodeon Punta Cana, which opened in 2017.

Our agency, Red Travel, was lucky enough to be invited to a special showcase of the Nickelodeon resort in the Dominican Republic. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. And the resort most definitely aligns with Red Travel’s core values of providing a WOW vacation experience for our clients.

Family vacations, especially those with younger children, can be exhausting.   Hauling strollers, cribs, bottles, toys, and all the other items you need to keep your younger children happy and engaged can be overwhelming for any mom or dad.   Karisma Resorts have changed all of that! In fact, their tag line is: “Just bring the baby.” That’s right. Everything you may need for the baby, toddler, and young child is provided for you in their Azul, Generations, and Nickelodeon resorts.  

Upon arrival, we were greeted in a relaxing fashion. While the parents were checking in and getting all the information about the resort, the children were entertained in a kid’s play area supervised by a trained nanny. What a clever idea, as this allows the parents to start to absorb what the resort has to offer without having to worry whether or not their kids were running around, crying, and breaking things—you know, the things some kids do. Check-in was a breeze! I also like the orange wristbands that are actually your room key. This was something new they were trying, and I did recommend that they make them a little smaller. But other than the large size, I loved the concept.

The resort itself is exceptionally classy with a central area that is like a little village with shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment. At night, the area is beautiful and relaxing. Picture enjoying a drink while listening to live music that begins at 5 pm. Everything is centrally located with several pool options, including the main pool that was conveniently located right off the beach. The resort’s layout was easy to navigate, and they offered shuttle service for those that can’t walk far. Great dining and bar options are available too.

Infinity Pool

As you walk around the resort during the day, you ask yourself, “Where are all the kids?” But ahhhhhh, they are just a shuttle away at the water park—but oh, so more than a waterpark. It has a lazy river, restaurant, archery range, a soccer court, and a basketball court. You can also schedule your filming session here and meet with the Nickelodeon characters and receive photo ops. There is also a cute Nickelodeon store and plenty of activities for the little ones.  

Arial view of the water park

The rooms are well appointed, with the bedroom closed off to the area where the kids sleep and watch TV, giving the parents a little privacy. If you travel with young children, your rooms will also include age appropriate items like strollers, cribs, baby monitors, toys, bottles, and anything else your child may need. The balconies are spacious and comfortable with a lounging couch and chairs. Subtle Nickelodeon touches like SpongeBob’s pants etched in the privacy shade in the bathroom adorn the room. So cute! And the “crabby patties” that SpongeBob makes are offered in the coffee shop. Yum! They were delish!  

Pad Suites

If you are traveling with a large family of six or less, you can book one of the Super Villas or even the Pineapple Villa with private pool. The Pineapple Villa was adorable and spacious, priced at $4100 per night. WOW! In my opinion, this is quite pricey just so your kids believe they are staying in a pineapple. But if you are willing to spend that, I certainly hope you choose Red Travel to help you plan, book, and secure as many additional amenities as we can for your family. I was lucky to see the Pineapple Villa because it is always sold out.  

I was pleasantly surprised by the food. If you have ever gone to the Dominican Republic, many of the resorts’ cuisine is just average. So when recommending resorts to my clients, I always discuss their food expectations with them. I am very selective on resort recommendations for my “foodie” clients. The food display (they don’t call it a buffet) was amazing. The selections and quality of the food in the display was a 10 in my book. Overall, I think most people will be happy with the quality, taste, and presentation of their meals.

Like any resort, there can be pros and cons. I noticed only a few issues. Beach umbrellas seem to be a little sparse. You need to get up early to secure one of those umbrellas. The beach was beautiful, and the staff did an excellent job keeping up with the seaweed that gets washed ashore. However, the beach service was not as vigilant for a Karisma resort. I also noticed that the pool decking was extremely hot, so be sure to take swim shoes for the little ones. One last minor thing was that they use towel cards, which you don’t always see at higher-end resorts. Employees told me that guests do steal the towels; the resort actually came up 200 towels short in one month alone. So I guess the towel card system is necessary.  

The pros are classy resort, excellent service, and great beach and pool options, including all adult areas if you need a little adult time. The resort brand makes it easy for moms and dads traveling with younger children because the resort provides everything for the baby and toddler. The rooms are well appointed, and you can enjoy the experience on your terms, with endless activities for kids, good food, top-shelf drinks, excellent entertainment, and “over the top” customer service. And a huge plus is that most of the staff speaks English. I was always greeted with a welcoming smile and a desire to serve! Well done, Karisma. You never seem to disappoint.

In summary, the pros far outweighed the cons, and our agency highly recommends the Nickelodeon Resort Punta Cana! Contact your favorite Red Travel agent at 844-RED-TRAV for a WOW vacation experience.  


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